Italian Spray booth and Mixing room for sale

Famitaly Titanium 6000 near new

Details below:

Call or TXT Feraz 0212864783

We have relocated and are no longer in need of the setup
Buyer is to dismantle. Location on Wairau Road, North Shore

Details below:
Spraybooth Famitaly (TITANIUM 6000 model) FULL DOWNDRAFT
Useful dimensions: 6800x3600xh.2170 mm;
3-wing front door of 3000xh. 2160 mm;
Rock wool insulation;
Raised metal base of 6800x3600xh.330 mm +internal fixed ramp;
Filtering plenum of 500 mm;
Led light fixtures 10 pcs according to ATEX directive;
1x sliding bar to hang small components + corner shelves (2 pcs);
Air flow: 22000 m3/h;
Generator unit of 1200x1200xh.2250 mm equipped with 7,5 kw motor (according to MEPS declaration) and heat exchanger of 164000 kcal/h;
Gas burner of 190 kw according to AGA directive (ramp not included);
Exhaust unit of 1600x1200xh. 1620 mm equipped with 7,5 kw motor (according to MEPS declaration) ;
Recycle system;
Electromechanical control board;


4000mmL by 2500mmW and 2500 h
All compliable components